Leftovers: A Novel

"As Tupperware's whole legacy is about helping women help themselves, Vivian's story was the perfect anecdote to show how one woman can really change and create the life she deserves all from finding her inner Tupperware Lady." – Top Selling Tupperware Dealer Dixie Longate

"I could easily see a film or TV series based in Vivian’s 1950s world."
– Amanda Moran, One More Page

"...reminiscent of the stories that I hear at the Tupperware Jubilee each year."
– Dixie Longate, Top Selling Tupperware Dealer

"I highly recommend this book for every household with a woman living in it."
– Ella Johnson, Mymcbooks's Blog

“Leftovers is a page turning easy read just in time for summer."
– Krista Smith, AskMissA.com

"In this tale of heartbreak, failure, redemption, love and triumph, Arthur Wooten’s gift for storytelling makes Leftovers a delicious read.”
– Michelle Churchill, author of I Thought I Grew Up

"LEFTOVERS is anything but leftovers! From beginning to end it has a neatly skilled and clever plot twist."
– JD Holiday, JD's Writers Blog

"A Wooten story is just like leftovers in the fridge: you recall how good it was the first time and you're so glad you had some left to enjoy all over again."
– Gregory G. Allen, author of Patchwork Of Me

Vivian Lawson’s fantasy of being the perfect 1950s suburban housewife is shattered when an uncontrollable event changes her life forever.

Destitute and left to fend for herself in a man’s world, she searches her New England town unable to find a job. With nowhere to turn, Vivian takes the advice of her wisecracking best friend, Babs, and reluctantly becomes a Tupperware lady.

Vivian struggles with low self-esteem as well as stage fright but with the support of Babs' lovesick brother, Stew, and the creator of Tupperware’s Home Party Plan system, Brownie Wise, she may just find the strength to conquer her inner demons and take control of her life.

A story of empowerment, Leftovers is a delectable romantic dramedy with an inspirational journey that reveals to us what can be achieved by using one’s guts, determination and a little bit of a self-deprecating humor.

"Leftovers is a heartwarming story, and a comedic portrayal of domestic life in the 1950s....Leftovers will satisfy your craving." - Hooked Bookworm

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