Dizzy: A Fictional Memoir

“DIZZY is an entertaining and realistic portrayal of the unique challenges faced by people suffering from inner ear balance disorders. Mr. Wooten has captured the fear and frustration common among vestibular patients through his uplifting and often humorous story of Broadway actress, Angie Styles." – VEDA, Vestibular Disorders Association

DIZZY is #2 of BOOKS TO SAVOR AFTER THE END OF TIME by Huffington Post Books!

Inspired by Arthur Wooten's life, DIZZY is a unique read in that it’s a fictional memoir that marries two genres: an exciting backstage show business tale coupled with a frightening medical drama.

Angie Styles, a beloved Broadway star, is struck down at the height of her career by a mysterious disease and is forced to reexamine her life and the people in it as she fights to survive.

"Inspiring, insightful and engaging, Arthur Wooten's DIZZY not only shines the spotlight on a little-known disorder but manages to weave together a captivating literary soiree filled with hope, courage and humor. And all set underneath the
fickle glare of showbiz lights!"
— Greg Archer, Huffington Post

"It's such a wonderfully told story with great heart and humor."
– Peter Gregus, Broadway actor, writer, director, currently starring in Jersey Boys

"Dizzy is a fascinating ‘backstage’ look at the life of a Broadway star and a gripping drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whatever the genre that Arthur writes in, his books are always thought-provoking, heart-warming and above all entertaining and Dizzy is no exception, made all the more poignant because it is actually based around the condition that Arthur sufferers from."
– Amanda Moran, One More Page, UK

“As a therapist, I believe books like DIZZY are important. They introduce complex medical concepts in story form, allowing the reader to learn, grow and enjoy the process. This fictional memoir will give you belly laughs, inspire compassion, and enrich your life.”
– Pamela Milam, MA, LPC

"Nobody ever thinks bad things will happen to them. We have a tendency to live our days as if we're invincible, rarely thinking about the "what if"s or planning ahead. Angie lived her life as many of us do: day-to-day. She was a triple-threat on the Broadway stage; she could sing, dance, and act. When she began having medical problems, she wasn't sure how to handle it. Everything she held dear, and that defined who she was, was being taken away from her. Not seeing any alternatives, she contemplated suicide.

What I loved most about this story was that it shows me more of who Arthur Wooten really is. If you've ever had conversations with him, no matter how brief, he is a very personable and friendly gentleman. I adore him. To now know what he has to deal with makes him a hero in my eyes. I cannot imagine having to deal with as serious of a problem as he, and his character Angie, has to deal with. You basically have to relearn your whole life over again. It takes a strong person to be able to do that and do it with the joy and love that Arthur personifies.

I tip my proverbial hat to you, Arthur. I have the continuing immense pleasure in getting to know you. Now that I know more of your story through Angie's telling of hers, I commend you for your will and determination.

If any of you enjoy a story about perseverance and a person's will to fight, then I'd recommend you pick up a copy of Dizzy."
–Mandy Shemery, Literary R&R

"I've been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and with DIZZY, Arthur Wooten has dropped his readers directly in the middle of that world and turned them around and around with delightful insider stories. But in this case the Broadway community is the setting for a story of a woman dealing with a medical condition near and dear to the author's heart. This fictionalized memoir is compelling, entertaining, and quite informative of a disease very few know about. All encompassed in those real and witty characters that we've grown to love from Wooten."
– Gregory G. Allen, author, actor, director

"DIZZY, a new book by Arthur Wooten, dazzles, delights, entertains, and also enlightens readers, while putting on center stage an important, real life medical condition. A fictional memoir, DIZZY captures a candid snapshot of the author, himself. It provides patients--especially new patients diagnosed with the same health condition as Angie Styles', DIZZY's lead character--with a realistic image of what it's like living with such a health condition, and also what it takes to stay a step ahead of it. DIZZY is a touching and inspiring read, one through which Arthur Wooten offers yet another stellar performance. DIZZY makes a great gift for the holidays or for any other season. It may just change your life for the better and give it a new perspective." – Alina Oswald, MediaBistro.com, Out IN Jersey Magazine

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Angie Styles, a beloved Broadway star, is struck down at the height of her career by a mysterious disease and is forced to reexamine her life and the people in it as she fights to survive.