Arthur Wooten's Shorts

A Stroke Of Luck: a short story

Chip Lowell is a sexy, spicy and self-confident celebrity chef who is just about to debut his first television cooking show. But in the blink of an eye, a life-altering incident forces him to change his menu and reevaluate himself and the people in his life.

The "Dear Henry" Letters

For two years Arthur was the humorist for the London magazine, reFRESH. In each issue of this gay publication he wrote a letter to his exasperating and fictional lover, Henry, explaining the never-ending reasons why they must end their relationship. But as we all know, sometimes breaking up is really hard to do.

"A laugh riot of epic proportions..."– Darien Moya, Pants Off Reviews

"Writing comedy is not easy and writing intelligent comedy is even more difficult. It is a quality that I’ve always believed is inherent and not learned and Mr. Wooten possesses this innate talent in spades. Characterized by an excellent comedic sense, his writing is highly imaginative with a sharp sophistication." – Indigene, The Indie Reviewer

“Wooten’s writing is honest, funny, moving…these may be ‘shorts’ but they made a big impression on me.” – Clayton Littlewood, author of Goodbye To Soho and DWB: Tales Of Soho

“Wooten's knack at mastering comedy through extraordinary situations is unsurpassed. If you loved his ‘fruit series’ you’re going to relish what's inside his ‘shorts’!” – Gregory G. Allen, author of Well With My Soul

“...quick wit, tender romance, and fresh prose, Wooten proves once again why he is a master of his craft—on both sides of the pond.” – Brian Centrone, author of An Ordinary Boy

Books by Arthur Wooten

In Wise Bear William: A New Beginning, toys long forgotten in an attic discover that children are coming up to rescue them.
On Picking Fruit is a delicious tale about a gay man whose search for love runs up against bad luck, bad boys and bad advice from his irreverent mother, incorrigible best friend and unorthodox shrink.
In this freshly squeezed sequel to the critically acclaimed On Picking Fruit, Curtis Jenkins ironically pens the bestselling self-help book, 101 Ways to Collide into Your Gay Soul Mate, while still finding himself single and in the deep end of the dating pool.
A Stroke Of Luck: a short story and The "Dear Henry" Letters
In 1954 a divorced and destitute suburban housewife finds self-esteem, financial security and true love selling Tupperware.
When Lex Martindale, a New York City writer, goes home to celebrate his birthday and say good-bye to his dying father, he struggles with whether or not to share with his eccentric Southern family news of his own life-threatening situation.
Angie Styles, a beloved Broadway star, is struck down at the height of her career by a mysterious disease and is forced to reexamine her life and the people in it as she fights to survive.